Help us spread the word about AVXChange by translating our website into multiple languages and receive AVX tokens for your contribution. Participants with technical background will be prioritized. Translators must have knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency and those who have translation experience from other projects will be a plus.

We will be choosing two (2) translators for each language, wherein, one will be the lead translator and the other one will be the supporting translator. The lead translator is in charge of doing the translation of all the content on our site, including the articles we have posted. The supporting translator is in charge of reviewing the translation made by the lead translator.

Recruitment starts on June 3rd, 2019. Once the lead translator position is filled, he/she can start immediately and will be given a period of ten (10) days to finish the task and relay the translation to the supporting translator. The supporting translator shall review the translation for five (5) days and shall contact the lead translator to offer suggestions, conduct constructive criticism, and proofread to ensure that the translation is correct and concise. We will set up a group chat for each pair of translators including team members from AVXChange to assist the translators.

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